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Year 2018 Harare Agricultural Show Report


Year 2018 Harare Agricultural Show started on Monday 27th August up to Saturday 1st September 2018. The two first days of the Show week were generally quiet but as the week progressed we saw an increase in the number of people coming for the Show. In terms of exhibitions, year 2018 recorded a large number of exhibitions which saw a lot of schools exhibiting both in the primary and secondary levels. The Show also saw several Small to Medium Enterprises also displaying their different ventures. There was also a notable number of health institutions that were also exhibiting, as they sought to reach out to both their existing customers and potential customers.


From the Councils we had Nurses Council of Zimbabwe and Allied Health Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe joining HPA at the Stand and this was quite fascinating. Pharmacists Council of Zimbabwe and Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe had their own exhibition stands.


This year the HPA stand was very busy from Thursday right to Saturday. We had close to 100 visitors who left their comments in our Feedback book. It was interesting to note that a lot of non-health professionals are taking an interest in opening health facilities through partnerships with health professionals. The fact that we had a lot of enquiries regarding registration of health facilities shows that people are making every effort to be aware of the health regulations and the need to abide by them. 


The Secretary General, Mr Shepherd Humure and Deputy Secretary General, Mrs Clotilda Chimbwanda of HPA took the time to visit the Stand. They also passed through the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) stand where they discussed, amongst other issues, the proliferation of illegal medicine being sold on the streets.  It was explained that the MCAZ was working together with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to weed them out as it was a criminal offence. MCAZ officials also explained that they have officials at all border posts, but it seemed the medicine was being smuggled into the country through other illegal entry points. HPA Head of Finance, Ms Patricia Jengera and Head of Administration Mrs Ruvimbo Mahlengwe also visited the stand.


HPA theme for year 2018 HAS was taking “HPA to the people” which saw HPA Public Relations Department moving around with brochures and inviting people to the stand. At the HPA stand, there was also question and answer sessions with members of the public. The HPA stand also had mini quiz sessions with school going pupils which was very interesting and attracted crowds of people to the stand. 



Summary of comments received from members of the public


  • HPA should look at the registration of new health institutions at Council level and make sure that the process is standard in all the Councils. It was felt that for some Councils, the registration process was too complicated and discouraged members from opening new facilities.
  • The complaints reporting procedure was said to be intimidating and long. HPA was requested to make the process more user-friendly and straight forward to give members of the public confidence to come forward with complaints.
  • It was felt that the Ministry of Health and Child Care needed to reintroduce the Patient Charter in all health institutions and make sure that the Charter is displayed in conspicuous places to educate patients.
  • It was requested if HPA could comes up with a Quality Care Unit that looks at issues of patient handling, turn around time for patients, checking into Out-Patients Department, standard operating procedures for Casualty Departments and many other related health issues.
  • HPA was requested to lobby for the setting up of tariffs that cater for the different health facility types in line with the services being rendered, to protect patients from being overcharged by health professionals for profiteering purposes.